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Living with Spring

Spring is a time of hope and new life. We have all survived the ravages of another winter and can look forward to the new year ahead. In nature spring is full of growth, colour and promise.

Likewise for us, springtime and its element of wood are strongly associated with growth, vision and direction. Balanced Wood energy is assertive and determined, benevolent and just. Now is a great time to be making decisions and setting your life on a new course. You are likely to find a new bounce in your step and new hope in your heart.

Nevertheless, please remember new shoots are very fragile. They lack the durability of established growth, so they need to be tended to very carefully at this vulnerable stage in their development. Don't become despondent or frustrated if things don't go entirely according to plan. Flexibility is needed. Until a tree has developed the strength of old age, it does well to bend in the face of strong winds...