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"I had been suffering with chronic back pain condition and sciatica pain for a number of years. To self manage and improve my condition I decided to try Acupuncture. Through researching my condition and local practitioners I contacted Torbay Acupuncture and after a couple of treatments with Rachel found my condition improving considerably. I still have regular catch up sessions with Rachel to help control my back condition and I have immense gratitude towards her for her calm manner and professional attitude that has helped me get through this difficult time. Without this continued treatment my quality of life would have been greatly reduced."
Shirley Crook

"Since starting treatment my symptoms have cleared up completely and I also feel so much better in myself - calmer, more confident - more like myself again.”
Miss A. Patterson

“Rachel cleared up the asthma I have had since childhood. I am so grateful.
Mr. L. Jenkins

“I wasn’t convinced acupuncture would be able to help me, but my tendon problem was resolved in two treatments."
Mrs. R. Bertram

"I first approached Rachel for acupuncture as I had read that facial acupuncture could help as a none invasive face lift, improving skin and slowing down wrinkles.

"I started weekly sessions initially to help improve and prevent ageing of the skin. I didn't know then how acupuncture could help me in many other ways. Acupuncture can help balance the body and address many other problems. Rachel could tell by feeling my pulses were weaknesses in my health needed attention. I now feel more balanced generally and we deal with other issues as when they arise. I see Rachel on a monthly bases as a way of maintaining my health."
Mrs. J. Fitzgerald