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Living with Winter

In Chinese Medicine winter is associated with the element of water and the emotions of fear and lack of fear. In ancient times it would have been a particularly harsh season, when personal survival would depend upon the preparations that had gone before. The harvesting of late summer and the storing and preserving of autumn all come to fruition at this time and allow for hibernation during the long winter nights. Things may be different now with the luxury of central heating, 24 hour supermarkets and electric light, but don't be surprised it you find yourself feeling uncharacteristically fearful at this time. You may begin to worry about your health, about money or the state of the world – fear associated with winter is very primal and tends to focus on survival itself, not social or interpersonal concerns.

Along with those fears also be aware that you may find yourself throwing caution to the wind a little in a bit to rid yourself of the underlying dis - ease. This is the other side of winter – the 'lack of fear' or reckless spirit that pops up to try and challenge the forces at play.

Perhaps the best way to deal with the emotions that winter throws up is to take gentle heed. Make sure your house is in order. Make use of the long winter nights to do the checks and measure that usually get missed, so that you can reassure yourself that all the t's have been crossed and the i's dotted for another year. This knowledge can then steady you and allow you to rest in what should also be a restorative and peaceful time.