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Western Diagnosis

The Urinary System
The Kidneys
The Bladder, ureter and urethra

The Digestive System
The Liver
The Gall Bladder
The Large Intestine

The Respiratory System
The Upper Respiratory Track
The Lower Respiratory Track

The Cardiovascular System
The Cardiovascular System

The Arteries
The Veins
The Heart
Blood Pressure

Like Western Medicine, acupuncture provides a complete system of health. Although its perspective is completely different it can fully explain all conditions of imbalance, illness and disease.

As Western medical research develops, there are increasing links being discovered, between different aspects of our bodies. These often correlate spectacularly to those identifies by the Chinese thousands of years ago.

Nevertheless, for most people in the West, acupuncture is still a strange and alien concept. To help you to understand how it works and how it explains the workings of your body this section of the website allows you to access information from a more familiar perspective. Follow the links below to find out about health from a western point of view and it will explain what this means to your acupuncturist.