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How Does Acupuncture Work

Acupuncture is an ancient form of healing which has been practiced for thousands of years. Unlike western medicine, which developed through carefully studying the component parts of the human body, Chinese medicine took its inspiration from the outside world. Observations were made of the way in which nature functioned and these patterns and rhythms where then identified in human beings.

All of nature hangs in an intricate balance, and in the same way, a human being in good health, also displays physical and emotional equilibrium.

When this balance is shaken through the vicissitudes of life, dis-ease can often result. Sometimes it will manifest in physical illness, sometimes in mental, emotional or psychological difficulties. Acupuncture treatment offers a away to redress the balance, restoring harmony and stability to the entire system.

Qi and the Channels
Just as your blood travels through your veins, the ancient Chinese discovered a network of channels carrying the vital energy they called Qi (pronounced chee). Acupuncture is the method through which this energy can be accessed. Skillful and in depth questioning leads to a unique diagnosis of any weaknesses or blockages of Qi in your system, which can then be harmonised by the insertion of very fine needles into carefully selected points along the channels.

What should I expect from Acupuncture
At your first acupuncture treatment a full case history will be taken. This will involve extensive questioning, not only with regards to your main complaint, but also other areas of your general health. This stage of the process is vital as it allows Rachel to gain a full and detailed picture of your current state of health. With this information she will design a treatment plan that can positively impact all areas of your health, including sleep, appetite and your general sense of well being, along with your main complaint. Treatment is likely to involve points in your lower legs and lower arms, as well as any area that is causing you particular discomfort. Therefore it is helpful if you can wear clothing which will make these areas easy to access.